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Oven & Pizza Making Class Combo

Oven & Pizza Making Class Combo

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Our most popular Pizza Making class PLUS! Learn to start the wood fired brick oven from embers and how to maintain a fire for proper cooking temperatures, then learn to stretch pizzas from ball to skin with multiple techniques. Pricing Per Person

**This class is by request only, please email us to schedule your class.

Oven Training Class:

Learn to start and cook on a wood fired brick oven. This class is 1 hour, you'll learn how to get your oven started from embers and how to maintain a fire to cook pizzas at blistering speeds. End the class by cooking your very own pizza.

Pizza Making Class:

This 1 hour class teaches you multiple techniques to stretching pizzas from a ball to a skin. Gather skill and perfect your personal technique in this hands on course. You'll also learn how to top a pizza properly, about tomatoes and flavors, then create a unique pizza of your own to munch on at the end of class. 

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